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Agreeable ways to resolve a conflict with a Russian bride

Published On September 3, 2016 | By Angel Josiahs | Dating

After a turbulent but overall successful online dating journey you have finally met the woman who now has your full and undivided attention, so much so that you have embraced a joint matrimonial future. In other words, she has become your bride. Maybe you have even married already. Our congratulations! However, life in a marriage is not all about fragrant roses, occasionally you may encounter some sharp thorns as well. Conflicts and arguments with your dear Slavic lady can be an unpleasant occurrence, but they do happen, such is life.

The good news is that if you have been selective enough in your search for a Russian bride (or Ukrainian, Moldavian, etc. bride) the chances that such a conflict pops up are minimal. But even a peaceful angel can turn into a rebellious beast every now and then, so it is an excellent idea to be prepared for such an unpleasant eventuality in advance. Any family conflict needs to be resolved in a constructive manner in order to maintain a loving and meaningful relationship. Our special techniques will help you minimize any damage in such a situation. These are universal rules that, by the way, can also be applied to any sort of conflict outside your marriage.

Treat your dear lady as an equal party of the argument. She may not be wrong just because she has an opposite point of view on a certain subject. You can tell her something along these lines: “I don’t agree with your position, but I do honor and respect it. Let’s work it out together.” Such an attitude significantly reduces the threat of alienating your dear lady from you and nips her initial animosity in the bud.

Many family disputes can actually be settled down in minutes if you both ensure you understand what it is all about. It is often the case that the emotions of both partners get revved up and they begin acting incoherently as a result. It may only exacerbate the situation and worsen the outcome. The best approach is to stop in your argument tracks and ask yourself and maybe also your Russian bride: “What is our argument really about? Let’s clarify where we stand on this.”

Actually there are two stages in any domestic conflict, the so-called “spark stage” and the “blaze stage”. Evidently, if you are a skillful negotiator, you will do your best trying to extinguish the flames at the first stage of the conflict, right upon recognizing it as such.

The golden rule of domestic conflicts resolution is “if one of us wins, we will both lose”. Indeed, in the heat of the moment both of you may sincerely believe you have the upper moral hand and must win the argument. But even if you really win the argument, she will still feel defeat and bitterness that may bite at you later on. So, the best way is to think “What is good for us?” instead of “What is good for me?”. This can work wonders in your relationship.

What is unacceptable in domestic conflicts?

You have to be aware that neither Russian nor Ukrainian women tolerate name calling and shouting. If you resort to any of the two, you may consider yourself toast. However, what they really don’t forgive is the use of physical force during an argument. If you so much as rudely shove your dear lady, she may be lost to you forever. So, exercise patience as much as you can, keep calm, no put-downs.

There are some Slavic women who may actually enjoy a certain verbal domination of their husbands over them, but you need to know in advance whether it is true or not in your own case. On the whole, try to listen more and to talk less, it always works for the better this way. Save your chutzpah for your angry boss and be nice and gentle with your dear lady.


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